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By on March 24, 2017
These days when you lift the hood of your Honda car or truck you may notice three curious words engraved on a small badge affixed to the top of a Honda engine: Earth Dreams Technology (EDT).  Makes one wonder about the vision behind the technology.  Sort of piggybacks the whole "Power of Dreams" motto, progressive and has an environmentally-friendly ring to it. Here's what it means

A New Set of Design Qualities

Firtst introduced in Japan toward the end of  2011, Honda then announced it was developing a set of vehicles that would embody EDT.  ( a set of advancements focused on the dual need to protect the environment and provide a joy of driving. engineered from bumper-to-bumper with similar qualities in mind.

Here's how Honda state what EDT is in that 2011 press release:  “‘Earth Dreams Technology’ is a next generation set of technological advancements which greatly enhance both driving performance and fuel efficiency at a high level, using as its base advanced environmental technologies to pursue the joy of driving unique to Honda. It is a series of measures in which efficiency of internal combustion components including engine, and transmission, as well as electric-powered motor technology, is further improved.”


There are six key components of EDT, all reinforcing the dual need discussed above.
  1. A gasoline engine that achieves optimum driving performance and fuel efficiency
  2. A compact diesel engine that achieves top-of-class acceleration and fuel efficiency
  3. A continuously variable transmission (CVT) that combines a high level of driving fun and fuel efficiency 
  4. A two-motor hybrid system that achieves industry-leading efficiency
  5. A high-efficiency, high output electric SH-AWD hybrid system that combines superior driving and environmental performance
  6. A compact, high-efficiency electric powertrain for EVs
By on February 28, 2017
I didn't know Hankook as one of the most recognizable and trusted brand names in the tire industry. Apparently they do have a strong global reputation.  This purportedly the result of the company’s commitment to providing customers with the best tire possible. It is with rigorous testing and constant technological advances that Hankook achieves this goal.
       Three Tires Logo

Hankook supplies a wide range of vehicles with tires. Who isn't looking for: superior handling,
traction, and
ride comfort.

Whether you drive the roadway to the raceway, Hankook Tires are entering the field to get you where you need to be.

As part of the 70th Anniversary of their founding in 2011, Hankook has expanded their operation outside of Korea to China, and Indonesia.  They expect this to greatly strengthen their capacity for growth.
Not being a brand that many of our customer are familar with, I find it impressive that Hankook Tire was named the official tire for Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) in Germany, the largest motorsports competition in the world.  This would seem to substantiate the claim of being one of the top tire manufacturers in the world.  They've even start the groundwork for yet another research center with technologically advanced equipment in 2014.
With the aim to reinforce their global competitiveness they've strategically invested in a skilled labor force to expand R&D. They are quick to foster a creative and competitive personnel is also a goal at Hankook Tire as we strive to continuously do our part as a member of global community and grow in tandem with the world.
A 70-year-long history, in any business is impressive.  Sounds like they are pare paving the way for the future with a commitment to create new possibilities and overcome challenges that lie ahead. Many of our Honda cars are now equipped with Hankook tires. Like Honda...a focus on making a major contribution to the development of the driving experience worldwide.

By on February 25, 2017
Honda Tech Tutor contains new-model delivery videos that you can use to help your customers learn how to use key features on their new cars—in-store or after delivery by using the email function.
Be sure to add Honda Tech Tutor to your phone or tablet home screen so you can easily share vehicle delivery videos with your customers. Click here to view instructions for both IPhone® and Android™.
By on January 16, 2017

Jan 9, 2017 — Honda today took the wraps off a sleek, sophisticated and innovative new 2018 Odyssey minivan, launching at dealerships nationwide this spring. Already the most popular minivan with individual American car buyers for seven years running, the next-generation Odyssey brings a host of new features and technologies for 2018, including a uniquely versatile new Magic Slide™ second-row seat; new Cabin Watch and Cabin Talk technologies; new Display Audio touchscreen with Honda-developed OS; 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity; new Rear Entertainment System with streaming video; and Honda Sensing™ safety and driver-assistive technologies, now offered standard on EX and above trims.
By on November 30, 2016
Honda Roadside Assistance is a 24-hour emergency road service
Honda Roadside Assistance is a 24-hour emergency road service

available to you in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico

throughout your 3-year/36,000-mile warranty term starting

with 2015 vehicles.

24-Hour Roadside Service

With the Honda Roadside Assistance Service, if you experience any of  the following while on the road, just call our toll free number and we will dispatch a unit to provide services that can let you proceed to your destination. You are covered for any of the following services (limitations apply):

24-Hour Emergency Towing

Honda Roadside Assistance will arrange to transport your vehicle to the

nearest Honda dealer in the event of a mechanical disablement that renders

it inoperative. Your vehicle must be accessible to our dispatched transport

unit (as determined by our local facility) to receive this service.

Please note: You will be required to pay up front for warranty repairs

performed by any facility other than a Honda dealership. Please submit

claims for warranty reimbursement to your Honda dealer.

Emergency Lockout Service

If your keys are lost, broken or locked in your car, Honda Roadside

Assistance will assist you in unlocking your vehicle.

» Winching

» Jump start

» Fuel delivery*

» Lockout

» Flat tire

» Mechanical tow

» Accident tow

Call toll free:  1-866-864-5211
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
You may call this toll-free number any time you may require any
of these Honda Roadside Assistance services from anywhere in
the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada.

*Two gallons provided, not to exceed twice in a calendar year. Requires VIN at time of service request.

Cross Country Motor Club, Inc. (CCMC) acts merely as a dispatcher or referral service to persons or entities who provide the actual service. These persons and/or entities are independent contractors. Accordingly, CCMC assumes no responsibility for the acts, errors, omissions, negligence, malfeasance or misfeasance of such persons and/or entities. All persons availing themselves of this benefi t of Honda Roadside Assistance are to look solely to such persons and/or entities for liability arising in connection therewith, and not to CCMC. Honda Roadside Assistance services are provided through Cross Country Motor Club, Inc., Medford, MA 02155, except in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Wisconsin and Wyoming, where services are provided through Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. Honda reserves the right to limit services or reimbursements to an owner or driver when, in the judgment of Honda, the claims become excessive in frequency or type of occurrence. Honda also reserves the right to alter or withdraw the Honda Roadside Assistance program at any time without notice.

Trip Interruption
Trip Interruption benefits are available in the case of mechanical



» The vehicle must be disabled 100 miles or more away from the Honda owner’s primary residence.
» Reimbursement consideration is for expenses incurred during the first three days following the disablement.
» The total Trip Interruption benefi t is $300; $100 per day for three days maximum.
» Reasonable expenses for food, lodging and alternate transportation such as a rental vehicle and/or commercial transportation are covered.
» Costs for reuniting the Honda owner with the vehicle are included in the total of $300 maximum benefit.
Alternate Transportation, Rental Vehicle**

Upon request, Honda Roadside Assistance will attempt to secure a rental

vehicle or taxi service for you.

Hotel Reservations**

Upon request, Honda Roadside Assistance will assist in locating emergency

lodging when you are away from home, at a hotel that best fi ts your needs.

Airline Information

If your Honda is disabled, Honda Roadside Assistance will assist in

obtaining fl ight information, such as fl ight times and fares.

Message Relay

Should an emergency arise, Honda Roadside Assistance will attempt to

contact those persons for whom telephone numbers are provided in order

to relay important messages, such as your spouse or your offi ce.

Enhanced Directory Assistance

Honda Roadside Assistance will attempt to locate nearby service stations,

ATMs, and/or banks and provide telephone and address information,

including directions.

**Any third party costs (such as vehicle rental, taxi, lodging, fl ight fares, etc.) associated with

the rendering of the Trip Continuation Services noted with an asterisk (**) above shall be

borne by the driver requesting such service.

©2014 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. - All Rights Reserved 00X31-HRA-6000 AJA51465




By on November 21, 2016
It was a battle that began before the green flag waved. The No. 48 Lowe's Chevrolet SS started at the rear of the field, but he soon made quick work of driving to the front.
He passed 34 cars in the first 41 laps, breaking inside the top five on Lap 48.
Following a couple slower visits to pit road, Johnson and the No. 48 team worked hard to rebound, even after briefly going a lap down on the track.
"Obviously you never give up until that checkered flag waves," Johnson's former teammate Jeff Gordon said. "You know, there were moments throughout the weekend where I thought Jimmie and the No. 48 team were the best ones out there and there were times when it looked like we were going to settle for less than the championship. But those guys never stopped fighting or gave up."
Johnson's hope for #se7en seemed like it might be just out of reach when he restarted fifth with 10 laps remaining, but the No. 48 team never gave up.
That restart is the one that changed the entire race, as a red flag was thrown due to a multi-car incident involving two of Johnson's Championship 4 contenders.
As a result, Johnson assumed the fourth position for the restart before another caution was thrown, placing him on the front row in second for the overtime restart. Johnson jumped out to grab the lead at the green and never looked back.
"The best pit stops came at the right time and the calls that Chad made came at the right time," Gordon said. "Jimmie had the most incredible moves and restarts at the end when it counted most and that is why those guys are seven time champions and proved it again tonight.”
By on October 31, 2016
There's a booklet online that every car owner should read in my opinion.  Knowledge is not only power, it can mean safety.

Here's a link to a broad overview of some key safety features you will find in many Honda Cars and Trucks.
Please take a few moments to read.  The more you understand how your safety equipment works, the safer you and your passengers will be.

Since some equipment may not be specific to your model,
be sure to consult your owner’s manual.

By on October 15, 2016
The all-new 2017 Honda CR-V just made its official debut in Detroit last week (October 2016). 

The completely redesigned and reengineered CR-V boasts bold new styling, a more premium interior, the model’s first-ever turbocharged engine and a host of new features and technologies. It goes on sale this winter.  So with that, is it true that the 2016s are being sold at clearance prices.

I'll keep you informed as more details become available about the 2017s availability.
By on September 22, 2016
Unlike many trucks, which use body-on-frame design, Ridgeline features unit-body construction. This uses different strengths of steel throughout the entire structure — higher grades of steel where it’s needed — and then it’s completely welded and/or bonded together to create an extremely rigid structure. Benefits of unit-body construction include a lower floor height making loading cargo and getting in and out easier, improved isolation from wind noise and vibration and better driving characteristics.

Ridgeline features a powerful, 280-horsepower direct-injected engine that not only provides brisk acceleration, passing power and towing capacity, but also is impressively efficient for a truck.*
  • Towing capacity: 5,000 lbs. (AWD) – 3,500 lbs. (2WD)*
  • 262 lb-ft. of torque*
  • Variable Cylinder ManagementTM (VCM®)  
  • 24-Valve SOHC i-VTEC®
  • Eco-Assist System™
  • Hill Start Assist®
  • High-Capacity Radiator with 2 High-Power Fans
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