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Car Buying Tips

 Questions you should ask when buying an automobile.

For our long history, we've found a tried and true set of questions that have worked best for thousands of our satisfied customers.

  • What are your needs?
  • What is the primary use of your automobile?
  • What do you like least about your current automobile?
  • What do you like most about your current automobile?
  • What is your budget?

Before selecting an option, always ask:

  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • What will it do for me?
  • How much does it cost?

Why is the way the sales consultant is paid important?

The way any employee performs is directly related to the way he or she receives compensation for their service. This is true for janitors to CEOs to our valued sales staff at our dealership. We feel that the way our sales staff is paid directly affects his or her attitude and desire to take care of our customers.

One of the biggest problems with the automotive industry is the traditional way in which sales consultants are paid. A typical pay plan for a dealership rewards sales consultants for high volume and high margin. It is little wonder, then, how sales consultants have received stereotypes for being aggressive and pushy. Fortunately, we don't like feeling cheated and exploited any more than you do, so several years ago we tackled this problem.

At our dealership, we reward sales consultants on their ability to assist and satisfy our customers. We found when rewarding our staff for gross profit, we encouraged them to overwhelm customers. That is why we chose to pay our sales staff according to the individual's ability to truly consult and assist consumers with what they need and, in turn, produce consistently satisfying vehicle buying experiences. It is with this philosophy that we are able to enjoy our loyal customer base of thousands satisfied vehicle owners. It is a paradigm shift in the way vehicles are bought and sold, changing the world one customer at a time.

Guess what happens to the sweetness of a low price?

An automobile dealer's reputation is the most important thing he or she has.


Because the sweetness of a low price disappears quickly but the bitterness of a broken promise lingers for a long time.

No vehicle is created perfect. Problems do occur with even the most expensive automobiles from the most reliable brands. What makes or breaks the sweetness of any automobile purchase is the reputation of the dealer to deal with these inevitable problems. The most important aspect of buying your new vehicle is your dealer's sincere desire to handle every problem quickly and honestly with an eye toward maintaining your satisfaction.

Just what is a "Good Deal" anyway?

A "Good Deal" is the Holy Grail of purchasing a new or pre-owned automobile. A perception common among many of our customers is that the "Good Deal" is elusive, requiring shrewd negotiation skills and laser-precise focus on price. Though fair and competitive pricing is obviously important to a good vehicle buying experience, our dealership has learned several other important factors over the years that have satisfied thousands of valued customers.

Sales Consultant Experience

 We've found that sales consultants with more experience and training produce more satisfaction in the customers they serve. A wealth of product knowledge, sound intuition of your needs, and, above all, a desire to keep you satisfied throughout your ownership period are all areas on which our sales staff is focused, making price negotiation a secondary concern. After all, the sweetness of a low price fades quickly, but the bitterness of broken promises lingers for a long time.

Dealer Reputation

Repeatable customer satisfaction starts from the top down, which is why dealer reputation should also be considered when looking for that "Good Deal." The most experienced sales consultant cannot compensate for a dealer that only sees dollar signs when he or she looks at his customers. Many dealers take a "Short-Term" approach to earning your business. However, at our dealership we never work for the bottom line, but rather focus on the top line. It is our belief that if we sell a lot of vehicles that satisfy a lot of customers, the bottom line will take care of itself.

 Vehicle Selection

Settling for a car that doesn't satisfy your needs also defeats even the best price! Our dealership thinks you shouldn't have to compromise your original intentions in your vehicle purchase. For that reason, we maintain a wide selection of vehicles to give you the greatest amount of choice during your vehicle buying experience.

 High Quality Service

The greatest measure of any dealership is how they handle their customers when something goes wrong. A favorable price can be offset in the space of only a few unforeseen repairs. Good, reputable service during your ownership cycle is the highest consideration of every knowledgeable vehicle buyer. That's why the technicians in our service department are kept on the cutting edge of technology through various certified training programs with salary and bonus incentives directly related to the number of customers they satisfy. At our dealership, our profit is providing you the best possible service.

As you can see, a truly good deal is found in getting the right information from the right consultant at the right dealership so you can confidently make the right overall vehicle choice. It is true that we offer competitive prices, but we feel the best deal is the one that makes the value of a competitive price last for as long as you own or lease your vehicle.

How do I get my trade-in appraised?

Getting an objective appraisal ensures you get the greatest dollar amount for your trade-in. That's why our dealership has a professional trade-in appraisal process on site to save you the time and money of finding an appraisal service. You can have your trade-in appraised as soon as it arrives at the dealership. Additionally, you can use this time to speak with your sales consultant about what you do and do not like about your present vehicle, so he or she can help you find the new vehicle that is right for you. With this information in hand, your sales consultant can avoid looking at vehicles that do not fit your needs and make maximum use of your precious time with us.

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