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Certified Pre-Owned Honda Civic vs. Hyundai Elantra: A Comparison

It’s always wise to do your homework before jumping into a major purchase like a vehicle. If you are currently in the market for a compact car and have decided you’d like to stretch your dollar to its max by selecting a certified pre-owned model, you’re already on the right track. And odds are that the certified pre-owned Honda Civic and Hyundai Elantra came onto your radar early on in your search. That’s because these two compact cars are popular, value-loaded, and reliable offerings by two solid brand names in the automotive world.

No two cars are created equal, though, so it pays to dig a little deeper into what each of these models has to offer. Before you choose one, compare them head to head and get a better idea of which of them is the right choice for you.

Better Features: Honda Civic

Honda is widely known as a brand that packs highly desirable features into its vehicles, and the Honda Civic is particularly well equipped. Even older models manage to offer lots of what drivers are looking for, with plenty of user-friendly technology, safety features, and comfort and convenience amenities that make you feel like you’re driving a brand-new car no matter what year model you select.

While the Hyundai brand is also known for its value-infused vehicles, in this comparison the Elantra simply can’t quite keep up with what the Civic brings to the road, making the winner for best array of features the perennially popular Honda Civic.

Better Road Dynamics: Honda Civic

The Honda Civic offers an engaging road experience with plenty of pep that the Elantra struggles to match with its less powerful engine. The powertrain you get will depend upon the model year of the Civic or the Elantra that you choose, but generally speaking, Honda’s compact car gives you more in the way of engine options and power than the Elantra. And while both of these vehicles offer a smooth ride, responsive handling, and that trademark small car maneuverability, the Honda Civic’s extra boost of energy makes it more fun to drive in both city and highway settings.

Better Fuel Efficiency: Honda Civic

Honda has long been looked to as a leader in the automotive industry when it comes to fuel-efficient vehicles, and the Civic – as a member of an automotive segment that is expected to get pretty solid gas mileage – rises above many of its brethren. That includes the Elantra.

It’s just one more way that Honda ensures its vehicles are packed with value so that you’re saving money not just on the front end, but for as long as you drive the vehicle. You’ll be grateful for those savings every time you pass up a gas station on your journeys long and short.
Better Safety: Tied for Excellence

Both the Honda Civic and Hyundai Elantra are extremely safe vehicles. This fact is supported by both cars’ excellent performance in crash tests, but it goes beyond safety scores and incorporates their available active and passive safety features, too. Honda has always placed a premium on safety, and Hyundai performs remarkably well in this arena as well. When you are selecting a practical car like either one of these models, one that will be used as your everyday mode of transportation in all kinds of traffic and weather conditions, safety cannot be underestimated. With a certified pre-owned Civic or Elantra, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’re behind the wheel of a car that is lauded for its array of protective elements.

Why Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Honda Civic from Hendrick Honda Bradenton?

We think the choice is clear when it comes down to which vehicle wins in the head-to-head battle between the Civic and the Elantra, but you don’t have to take our word for it. At Hendrick Honda Bradenton, you can explore the many certified pre-owned Honda models we have in stock – including a huge variety of configurations and model years of the amazing Honda Civic. Explore our inventory online and choose the ones you’d like to take a closer look at. Then, head to our Southwest Florida dealership and get ready to test drive your favorites.

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