Honda Pilot

2020 Honda Pilot in Bradenton, FL

Toyota Highlander

2020 Toyota Highlander

If you're combing the market for the right three-row SUV to accommodate your family's cargo, comfort, and tech needs, you've probably already added the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Highlander to your shortlist. Great choices! These two vehicles come from trusted names in the automotive industry, and they both have a long history of excellence that fuels their popularity.

Still, there are ways that one model outpaces the other, and it's important to look at the factors that matter most to you in order to find out which of these SUVs does it better. Below, we'll take a quick look at some key aspects of the 2020 Pilot and the 2020 Highlander. We hope this information will help you make the best purchasing choice for your needs and preferences!

Honda Pilot

2020 Honda Pilot in Bradenton, FL Center Console2020 Honda Pilot in Bradenton, FL Steering Column2020 Honda Pilot in Bradenton, FL Cargo Space

Toyota Highlander

2020 Toyota Highlander Center Console2020 Toyota Highlander Steering Column2020 Toyota Highlander Cargo Space

Tech Features Galore

The Honda Pilot is chock-full of equipment designed to enhance every drive. From connectivity features like an available Wi-Fi hotspot to entertainment goodies like premium audio options and a rear seat entertainment system, the Pilot gives you plenty of ways to enjoy the road inside your SUV. And here's a bonus - all that tech is sure to keep your passengers happily occupied en route to your destination. Peaceful road trips and quiet commutes are the Pilot's gift to you.

To its credit, the 2020 Toyota Highlander does a pretty good job of piling in the features and tech, too. But with Honda's model coming so incredibly well equipped from the start, you might find yourself paying more to get a Highlander trim that has some of the important features that come standard in the value-loaded Pilot.

Spacious Accommodations

If you're shopping for a three-row SUV, you clearly have some pretty big space needs. Whether you're looking to pack in lots of cargo for your family's lake or beach excursions or just give everyone plenty of room to stretch out for the ride, the Honda Pilot gives you just what you need. The airy interior of the Pilot accommodates up to eight passengers, and with all seats occupied, you'll still get a generous 16.5 cubic feet behind the rear rows. When cargo accommodations are your focus, you can fold down both rear rows and access 83.9 cubic feet.

While the 2020 Highlander offers a decent amount of cargo room, it doesn't measure up in terms of passenger space. Critics point out its cramped third-row accommodations, which is best left for little ones and is not ideal for long road trips.

Honda Pilot

2020 Honda Pilot in Bradenton, FL Front Seats2020 Honda Pilot in Bradenton, FL Steering Wheel

Toyota Highlander

2020 Toyota Highlander Front Seats2020 Toyota Highlander Steering Wheel

Driving Dynamics

You probably aren't purchasing a three-row SUV for its agility, but it's nice to have one that is easy to maneuver and readily responsive to steering. Despite its size, the Pilot doesn't feel bulky. And with a capable 280-horsepower V6 engine under its hood, Honda's midsize SUV delivers a strong, reliable performance in all driving scenarios. It operates quietly and cushions even the roughest roads, keeping everyone onboard comfortable and content.

The Highlander boasts of a newly standard V6, but performance is about more than power alone. Highlander occupants will have a bit of a rougher ride than Pilot passengers - a factor that makes a big difference when it comes to enjoying the journey.

Learn More About the Pilot

We've only covered a few of the ways the Honda Pilot outclasses one of its main competitors. If you want to learn more, Hendrick Honda Bradenton is happy to help! Our friendly team is made up of Honda brand experts who can answer your questions, offer additional information, and help you find and finance your perfect SUV.

Get started now by clicking your way through our online inventory. We've got all the latest and greatest Honda models for you to explore as you seek out the one that deserves a spot in your driveway. Whether it's the Pilot or another fantastic vehicle in our selection, you're in for an amazing deal when you buy or lease from Hendrick Honda Bradenton!